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Proper Mulching Included in Our Excellent Lawn Care Service

Is it already late spring or early summer? Have you prepared your lawn for the warm and dry weather? If you have not yet, turn to Luceros Landscaping and Tree Services. We will help you get your lawn ready for summer through proper mulching. We can also apply mulch to your lawn during fall to prepare it for the colder season. So, if you are located in Deer Park, NY or the surrounding areas, you can easily take advantage of our lawn care services. Learn more about mulching and the process that we use below.

Why Is Mulching the Lawn Important?

There are plenty of benefits to mulching your lawn. Even if you opt for the inorganic variant, you can still get a number of perks. For one, it can conserve moisture, just like organic mulch. Second, it helps control the growth of weeds. Third, it can protect the roots of the grass. Fourth, it can even help prevent soil erosion that could damage the grass. And lastly, it can make your landscape look more attractive, depending on what kind of materials you want to use. If you choose the organic variant, however, it offers a lot more benefits than what was mentioned earlier. For instance, it can reduce thatch build-up, promote healthy soil creation as it decomposes, which ultimately feeds your grass more nutrients in order to grow vigorously. Achieve the healthiest lawn with our professional help today!

We’ll Mulch the Lawn Properly for You!

Mulching the grass isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, so if you’re planning to have your lawn mulched, consult with us! We’ll assess your lawn first so we can determine how many bags of mulch it would need, especially if you have a large lawn. But if you have any preference, do let us know beforehand. You can always choose between organic and inorganic mulch. But first, we will let you know the result of our lawn inspection. In case the grass is a bit unhealthy and needs more nutrients, we’ll suggest using organic mulch instead. If you have plans of beautifying your landscape and the grass is fairly healthy and you just need help to retain moisture during the summer, then we can always use the inorganic variant. No worries as we will apply the mulch evenly to ensure it doesn’t suffocate the roots of the grass.

Luceros Landscaping and Tree Services should be your first port of call when it comes to an effective and affordable lawn care service. Does the lawn on your property in Deer Park, NY need to be mulched? If you’re having second thoughts about which mulch to use, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details! You can call us at (631) 201-8680 if you have inquiries or if you are ready to set an appointment with us.

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